Still in the Dark

from by Parataxis



There's a man in the dark, watching from far away.
Mind in the past; body in the present day.
Out-dated ideas of what makes a real man.
Not a fan of blacks but it's gays that he can't stand.

His roots are set in ancient soil.
This old dog's not learning any new tricks.
(Still in the dark!)
The apple's falling further from the tree,
And we don't agree.

“Gays get their pansy asses sent straight to hell.”
He knows it's true because it's as his dad used to tell.
“Immigrants are spongers; they're just here for a rest.”
He's never shy to voice the fact that England's the best.

His ship's not changing its course.
His dad's compass still shows him the right way.
He shares his spite through ink and a quill.
The whole world's moving forward but he's just standing still.
Still in the dark!

A group stuck back in time.
Back in the day.
Hey hey!
Hey hey!


from Demo 2010, released November 5, 2010



all rights reserved


Parataxis Coventry, UK

Fast chord changes; actually interesting basslines; unpredictable drumming. Parataxis.

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